At 8 Dimensions of Wellness, we are dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves a helping hand.


We partner up with our clients to ensure they have the skills needed to overcome everyday challenges.


Our Professional Staff is committed to the wellness of our clients. Our approach is one step at a time, we celebrate the small victories. We are the reminder that someone cares. Together we can change lives.



Self-satisfaction and improving self-worth by achieving a job well done



Everyone has something to offer



Be aware of environmental factors that have an impact on good health



Reaching satisfaction can be accomplished by changing one's mind set



Accept as a fact, the body must move



Life happens, it's how you cope with what life brings your way that matters



Actively work towards a sense of connectedness to others who hold genuine concern for your betterment



Seek the meaning of life and examine the choices we make daily. Choose to live the best life possible without hurting or causing harm to another. Read and reflect on the past; learn from it.

To qualify for services, you must:

Have either Medicaid or Amerigroup Insurance


Have been diagnosed with a behavioral or mental health challenge